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We offer treatments, classes and consultations for:

People with immediate needs or for those who have long term goals
Patients with particular ailment or those who’d like to prevent one
Those who are seeking alternative solution or those who’d like to support current medical treatment
Please, contact us if you have any concerns about your health, life style or living/work environment conditions.


We can address any type of pain conditions.

We use Balance Method Acupuncture that changes the pain pattern within seconds of needle insertion. Depending on severity and complexity of the complaint, 1-20 treatments may be necessary to achieve long lasting satisfactory results.

A treatment lasts for 20-60 min. There is no down time: after the treatment you can continue with your daily errands.


We can successfully treat many chronic conditions that do not have effective solutions in Western medicine. These include but are not limited to headaches, muscle aches, autoimmune disorders, disorders of digestive tract, diabetes, reproductive system disorders, side effects of chemo/radio therapy and many others. In many cases oriental medicine treatments are used along with the conventional medicine to speed up the healing process or to eliminate harsh side effects of the western medicine.

Depending on the duration and severity of the problem, it may take from four to a few dozens of treatments to achieve significant, long-lasting positive results. Persistence and patience are the key factors in treatment of chronic diseases.


“One ounce of prevention worth one pound of treatment”.

Indeed, preventive care is the simplest way to keep yourself healthy. Even if you don’t have any serious health complaints you still can strengthen the immune system, boost energy and vitality, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Here, at the Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine, we offer a variety of wellness programs fitted to your particular life style and constitution. The programs can include regular therapeutic massage sessions, Taiji and Qigong classes, Herbal supplements and seasonal adjustment acupuncture treatments.

Please feel free to call us if you would like to discuss your individual needs and develop customized program that will keep you healthy in a natural way.