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Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 3:18 PM
To: Deerfield Community Acupuncture Clinic <deerfieldca@gmail.com>
Hi Anatoliy,

I intended to call and let you know, but I haven’t had the money to spare for acupuncture since my last visit with you. I really enjoyed my experience and will return when my business starts making money. Just an FYI, I plan to refer clients to you because you did a fantastic job. My energy is so much better now. I feel like the anger and sadness is gone.
Please let me know if you have yelp or google business pages where I can add my positive reviews.
Thank you so much!
Message From: L M

(Received May 3, 2017 12:12pm)

Today was 1st day in a week that my BP #’s were returning to normal. This morning: 138/89. Feeling MUCH better!

may 05
Returning Patient Acupuncture Treatment
Anatoliy Pak
4:45 PM – 5:00 PM


Have been feeling bad since last treatment

1 message Marion                                   Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 8:44 AM

To: deerfieldca@gmail.com

My appointment is for 10:45, and I’ll see you then. When I first came to you, my neck was clenched, my speech was very hard to understand, I was gasping for air and I was always crying. You helped me so much. Thank you. Since my last treatment, I am not doing well. I have no energy, no strength. I’m constantly nauseated, weak, tired ­ but can’t sleep, walking is unsteady, light­headed. I perspire on and off. Breathing is short, nearly silent and this is the best I can do. ­ Marion Sent from my iPad

👍 Thank you. Better 😃
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Marion Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 2:27 PM
To: “deerfieldca@gmail.com” <deerfieldca@gmail.com>

Thank you.  Feeling better.  Even ate a bite.  I sit here on this beautiful afternoon, thanking you and God.  How much He loves me to have put me on this path  that crosses yours -from completely on the other side of the world!  See you tomorrow – gratefully, MarionSent from my iPhone

Anatoliy Pak <deerfieldca@gmail.com> Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 2:34 PM
To: Marion
Dear Marion,
You are my true inspiration on my mission to help as many people as I can!
Thank you for feeling better. We will continue on your path of better Health and Happiness!
AnatoliySent from my iPhone



Hello Anatoly

Just wanted to be in touch and tell you that I feel almost 100% back to health, Thanks to you!!
The congestion that was in my lungs is just about gone and the heart rated is back to normal, but I am taking your advice and listening to my body so that I am still getting much more rest and sleep.   Also, I’m using the breathing exercise for slowing the heart down when I feel a bit edgy.
I can’t thank you enough, but I can also wish you a Happy Valentines Day, for all the concern and care that you give to your clients.  God Bless!


Hi Anatoliy,

It seems like my feet do hurt less after your treatment.                                                                                                                They used to feel raw especially first thing in the morning. Every step was painful.                                                          The last couple of days the pain has seemed to be much less.

Also, my ankle swelling seems to be less than it has been for a long time.                                                              The swelling appears to be less and when I push on the flesh above the ankle it is pliable.                                                                                                           Before it was unbending.

I would like to schedule appointments on Tuesday 2/11 around noon and Friday 2/13 about 3:00.

Best wishes,

G. S.



Dear working members,

I have truly appreciated the services you have offered.  While I have been an active female who is known to Lead, inspire & encourage others in many aspects of life, I too have personal and self-developmental issues, that aren’t always easy to tackle or admit to.

I have felt that since walking in the door of the community acupuncture center, there have been a most helpful understanding of my needs and how to establish a better life, through healing. I am grateful to you, Anatoliy for your skill set and personal acknowledgement of treating each individual on a case to case basis, and am committed to becoming a happier me!

Frank easily stepped in tonight and again, my comfort that I trusted him to continue a whole practice of continual healing, assured me that I was in good hands.

I do not know when I will return. This is no goodbye, only, thank you so much, thus far.

E. C.




Recently I began to have horrible back pain, with spasms and numbness in my hands.  As a musician and music teacher this was a large problem.  I couldn’t wear a guitar, much less gig, much less do my job which involves wearing a guitar for several hours a day.  Around the house doing any work involving lifting was very difficult.  Even sleep was impacted, with back pain waking me up several times a night.  My Osteopath, Dr. David Zeiger, recommended I see Anatoliy Pak at HAOMI.   Immediately after the first session, the spasming stopped and the most severe pain was lifted, and each treatment I noticed that I was getting stronger and straightening up.  In many cases the relief from pain was instant.  I still have a ways to go, as some of my issues are structural (some vertebrae are out of place). The progress in Physical Therapy is going well, and I’m told that most don’t mend as quickly.  I attribute that to my experience at HAOMI.

The price is very reasonable, the scheduling is super-easy, and the office is extremely relaxing.  Every time I leave I feel rejuvenated.  I am grateful I am able to get through the day and to be getting better.

Jeff Peek




I have to thank the HAOMICenter and especially Frank Napolitano for helping heal my shoulder.  I heard about HAOMI when I attended a health conference and the HAOMICenter did a presentation on the benefits of Acupuncture.  I talked to Frank and told him that I had been having problems with my shoulder for several months and he said he could help me.  Well, he certainly did; he not only helped my shoulder, which moves freely now, he also helped me with a chronic cough.  Frank is a very good listener and he treated me holistically, looking for all ways to help me.  He is also a nutritionist and recommended certain foods to help my lungs; he even reviewed a book for me that I was planning to use for my diet to make sure that it was nutritionally sound.   I highly recommend the HAOMICenter and Frank Napolitano.  He is extremely qualified and makes you feel comfortable during treatment.  In the future, HAOMI and Frank will be my first choice instead of a doctor; he is a true healer.






I have had the mysterious Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for 12 years.  For the first 9 years I took conventional meds as prescribed by my previous MD.  Sometimes they seemed to work and other times they didnt -during this time I would have flare-ups 1 to 3 times a year sometimes with up to 20 bowel movements a day.  The worst one sent me to the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks and thot I was going to die.  About 3 years ago I stopped taking all my meds, started changing my diet and lifestyle choices and taking natural supplements as prescribed my my Chiropractor. Things seemed to be getting better but still I have had 1 flare up a year that usually lasts a couple months and tho they are not as severe as before, it still makes it very difficult to take care of my family (we have 3 young children) and to just do what needs to be done to get thru the day, not to mention my career.

Having tried about everything else, finally I decided to give acupuncture a go and was referred to HAOMI.  After working with Anatoliy 2 times a week for about 6 weeks I am well again.  I feel as tho I have gained a much greater whole body awareness and have begun to be able to sense how my body reacts not only to stress in the moment but also to my thots.  Acupuncture has worked for me when it seemed nothing else would.  I am so grateful to have found HAOMI and to have received true personalized care and wisdom for my current situation and my whole life journey.

Thank you HAOMI!





I came to HAOMI clinic because I was seeking a holistic approach to curing my anxiety, depression, and acid reflux. I have had acupuncture before but it has been a long time and I did not have a referral for a practitioner that I knew. Based on the testimonials I read here, it sounded like Anatoliy knew what he was doing and this would be a great place for me to heal. The testimonials were right!

At my first appointment Anatoliy stressed to me the importance of coming to the clinic and taking a moment to relax. The office is very soothing and as soon as I hear the calming music I begin to relax. Anatoliy took the time to go over all of my symptoms and try to understand the root cause for my pain. Each appointment after that Anatoliy consults with me to see how I am feeling and if I am experiencing the changes I was hoping for. After the first appointment I felt extremely relaxed and happy for the first time in a while. I have continued to see positive results after each appointment.

Since the initial appointment we have seen great improvements in my acid reflux. I am no longer feeling the pressure and burning in my chest. We have begun to target my throat and I continue to see improvements in each visit. I know I have more appointments ahead of me to fully heal, but I know that Anatoliy and his team have me on the right path to recovery.

Two of the best advantages to receiving treatment at the HAOMI clinic are the reasonable prices and ease in scheduling my appointments. The costs are a sliding scale and I feel are reasonable for the great results that I am seeing. Scheduling is super easy for me to do at home via their online scheduler. I can easily pick the practitioner that I would like to see and see their available times. Having the practice be open 7 days is extremely helpful for my crazy schedule. I appreciated that Frank was there on a Sunday for me!



Waukegan, IL




After a 15-steps fall, Dr. Pak was recommended to me for the pain I had endured for at least several months.  Dr. Pak not only lessened the pain on my leg after a few sessions but also helped me with my insomnia.  Thank you Dr. Pak.





I came to Haomi Clinic through my son.  He had been treated by Anatoliy for several months and was very pleased with the results he was getting.  I have suffered with a neuroma in my left foot that causes ongoing pain.  I also have neck and lower back issues.  While I have tried different treatments to alleviate the pain, nothing was very successful. I am an active person, but the chronic pain I was experiencing had an impact on the type and length of exercise I could do.

The first acupuncture treatment I had with Anatoliy was incredible.  During the session, I was pain free for the very first time in countless years. Upon completion of the session, the neck pain and stiffness I had was significantly reduced.  My lower back and neuroma in my foot have improved steadily.  During the acupuncture sessions, it’s a wonderful feeling to experience your body relaxing and the pain subsiding.  I am now able to exercise with more intensity and for longer periods of time.

Anatoliy is very perceptive and seems to know what to do to make my sessions with him as beneficial as possible.  He is very caring and is always interested in making sure I am comfortable throughout the treatment.  My ability to sleep at night has drastically improved.  I no longer experience the numerous aches and pains throughout my body that would keep me awake at night.

I am grateful my son encouraged me to try a session.  It’s affordable and the benefits have had a positive impact on my well being.




I am a 58 yr old health care professional, former competitive athlete and a very active person.  I always have been in excellant shape and take a lot of pride in this. I work out-6-7 days/week with a program developed by a trainer who specializes in training professional athletes. So far his work-out haven’t killed me but I have developed aches and pains over the years just like everyone else. My work-outs started to become limited due to tendinitis and related muscle imbalances, some due to poor ergonomic work positions and others due to what I thought were “age” related wear and tear issues. My son suggested acupuncture treatment, specifically Anatoliy Pak in Deerfield.

The sessions have been amazing! Within two sessions, my tendinits in both elbows completely disappeared, my left knee tendinitis improved 90% and middle back pain all but disappeared. I go once per week for maintenance treatment. Anatoliy is very helpful in explaining the treatment and we discuss Eastern-vs-Western medicine and it’s useful applications. My sleep habits have improved since I have less pain, my work-outs are much more vigorous with faster recovery period.

It has been my pleasure to refer patients and friends to Anatoliy for treatment.

Dr. C


What were the conditions like that brought you to seek care at HAOMI clinic?

  • I was having constant lower back pain that was consistently affecting me while working out and through my daily tasks.  I have struggled with lower back pain all throughout my life and stretching only helped so much.
  • How it affected your functionality?
    • I consider myself a very active person.  I like to go to the gym 6-7 days per week.  I also enjoy physical activities.  My lower back pain kept me from being 100% while performing these activities.  It was also affecting me in my normal daily activities and I was constantly uncomfortable.
    • What improvements you received and how they contributed to the quality of your life?
      • I have always wanted to try acupuncture.  I was in complete shock that after the first insertion of the needle most of my lower back pain was gone.  After the second session I was hooked.  I still go on a weekly basis because it keeps me pain free and I feel great.  I am also grateful because it helps me with the stresses in my life.  I never realized how important it is to truly let your mind relax, and the time I am at HAOMI it allows me to decompress.  I am now more focused at work and understand how to let my body relax and decompress from stressful situations.
      • Anything else you would like to mention in regard to treatments with us?
        • Anatoly is very knowledgeable.  I feel extremely comfortable when he is performing acupuncture on me.  For me to truly relax and receive the healing benefits of acupuncture I must trust the person who is treating me.  I completely trust Anatoly and my body and mind have never felt better.  The pricing is also very fair and it allows me to go on a weekly basis which I am grateful for.  I would and have recommended anyone to see him.  Besides just managing pain it can help someone learn to alleviate and rid the stresses in their life.


Andrew Czarkowski

January 31, 2014


I came to Anatoliy because of pain, fatigue and depression from fibromyalgia symptoms and osteoarthritis.  Having never had acupuncture treatment, I was apprehensive. Anatoliy’s calm, caring manner enabled me to relax.  He is immediately responsive to any concerns I have.  I experienced noticeable pain reduction after the first treatment.  I am astonished at how my mood and energy have improved.

My journey with chronic conditions began 25 years ago.  Several doctors recommended acupuncture.  However, the cost held me back. With the community acupuncture model Anatoliy follows it becomes affordable.  Online scheduling is convenient and simple to navigate.

Thank you, Anatoliy, for your commitment to health and healing!


Buffalo Grove




I came to HAOMI after experiencing increased upper back tension and pain following the birth of my son. I had tried massage and general pain medication but this knot in my back continued to become even tighter, starting to effect my every day activities and ability to sleep at night. My brother had referred me to Anatoliy because of the success he had with his treatment. I have to say, Anatoliy made me feel very comfortable during my first visit and addressed all my concerns. Being new to acupuncture I didn’t know what to expect or how quickly the treatment would work, but after my first visit I felt extreme relief. I have continued to return to HAOMI twice a week and have eliminated the pain in my back. Anatoliy has also treated my foot pain, helped me with some fertility issues and most recently a shoulder injury from a fall on the ice. I cannot say enough great things about Anatoliy and HAOMI Acupuncture Clinic. The atmosphere is very relaxing and it is so affordable, making treatment accessible to everyone. My entire family have become patients and we continue to refer everyone we know.  I would highly recommend trying it!




I met Anatolly when he was doing an acupressure workshop. I resonated with his approach to healthcare. I started coming to HAOMI for acupuncture treatments in December of 2013 for chronic discomfort in my upper/ mid back and neck area.

We have been making steady progress with my neck and back. I feel very comfortable with him because of his skill, but also because he is gentle and reassuring. And I never cease to be amazed that he knows where to place those needles to address acute pain (like the time I accidentally closed the car door on my finger). Ouch!  I could not believe that my finger felt so much better right away!

And I am so grateful to him for having seen my daughter on his day off on an emergency basis. That’s true healthcare!

The treatment costs are very reasonable. And scheduling appointments is quite easy and flexible.

Thank you so much.


Sue Sherman




I went to this clinic about 2 months ago to try acupuncture again if it will help me with my maladies. I tried for over two months with a clinic in another suburb and it didn’t do anything for me during that time. I told myself that if nothing happens again, I will stop this treatment.

I have rheumatoid arthritis since 2003 and through the years, the RA brought along various ailments to torment my body and my sense of well being – like sjogren, depression, loss of balance; constant pain in my legs, knees and feet (neuropathy), loss of appetite, and finally loss of sense and taste.  Anatoliy has been terrific, patient, and gentle. After the second session, I started feeling  good.  Every time I leave from a session, I always felt good.

I am no longer weepy and morose as others tell me that I have been smiling. My attitude and outlook has been positive. I can now taste a little – especially sweet food. My pains in my feet, legs and knees are gone ( they come now and then – but they are mostly gone). When I went to Anatoliy, I was using a walker. Now, I just have to have my husband or daughter beside me just in case I lose my balance or become weak. I do not use my walker anymore.

I intend to continue getting treatment from Anatoliy and I highly, highly recommend him. I accept that the years of RA and various ailments cannot be treated in 2 months, but I am experiencing progress and a lot of relief from pain and depression. So, I will continue to take sessions with Anatoliy and absolutely recommend him to others who want to try acupuncture.





This is my very first experience with Acupuncture.  I initially came to this clinic with depression.  I was not exercising, and had

difficulty completing my daily tasks, especially paperwork.  I was so surprised that even after one appointment, my depression

went away and I was able to engage with my life and responsibilities in a joyful, productive way!  I have continued for almost

a month now, taking advantage for my other health related issues, such as macular degeneration and then a stressed muscle in

my right shoulder.  In October of 2007, I had a complete rotator cuff rupture that was repaired.  Lifting a Christmas tree and

strand recently, I re-injured my shoulder.  Anatoly has been working on that area as well as my eyes.  Although I cannot determine the

effects on my eyes right now, I can feel that my shoulder is recovering.

I would highly recommend Anatoly and his clinic to anyone who needs medical help.  The results have been immediate in my

case.  His prices are also reasonable for those who have no insurance coverage which for me has been very helpful.  His office environment is clean and comfortable.  During my treatments the music is conducive to a great meditative sleep.  Once I was actually there for almost 2 hours!  The chairs and the room that I have been in are comfortable and his feet heater and blanket keeps me warm.

I appreciate how organized Anatoly is.  I find him to be a warm and loving practitioner.  If you are looking to get well in a non-

traditional way, I would suggest you give him a call!





I came to Anatoliy Pak a few weeks ago in a lot of pain in my back.  He was so kind and understanding.  After about two weeks I felt good, but continued to go for treatments.  Now I feel like my old self, but better.  I enjoy the music and the rest that I get also.  His prices are very reasonable and the scheduling is very convenient.  I thank you with all my heart.  I will always come back.
Sandy Mayer





Anatoliy, I wanted to be in touch since you presentation for the wellness community. Thank you for your very informative presentation. I learned a lot. The day before I had made a decision to change my diet and much of what you said supported that decision. You have made an impact on my life. Thanks so much.





Hi Anatoli, Initially I came to you with a condition with my shoulder and pelvis that I sustained  in a fall several years ago along with a myriad of other complaints. Sinus , weight gain, water retention and the like. Since I have been coming since last year my conditions have been virtually unnoticeable. I know i should come twice a week or maybe three times but time has not permitted it . However , the once a week session is phenomenal. Your spirit is phenomenal and I recommend your services all the time. Thanks so much for your assistance in my healing. I will see you when i get back in the country .
Kind regard Judith



1) What were the conditions that brought you to seek care at HAOMI clinic?

Stress related pain in my stomach and gut area

2) How it affected your functionality?

Made it difficult to concentrate and enduring the pain was hard.  Also, I experienced loss of appetite

3) What improvements you got and how they con­tributed to the quality of your life?

Time at the clinic is some of my most healing time and sets in motion a wave of deep relaxation and positivity in my body and mind.  I leave feeling optimistic and relaxed.

4) Anything else you would like to mention in regard to treatments with us (pricing, scheduling, in office feeling, etc.)?

The calendar is easy to access, the pricing is very very fair, and the employees of the clinic are beaming with a healing energy that is contagious.  Also, the environment itself is a veritable temple of healing that delights all senses into a focus on health.

Highland Park resident




Last year I started experiencing the worst abdominal and low back pain. I was in school at the time and busy with work and my children as well. I have to admit that I was totally stressed out. I had hoped that the pain would just go away but as time went on it seemed to only get worst. I went to my primary care doctor who sent me to many specialists. They couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me. This was so frustrating because I knew that I wasn’t making up these symptoms. Something was definitely wrong with me! I also went to the emergency room because the pain had become so severe. I was constantly taking pain medicine and sick and tired of going to the doctor and not getting the answers that I was looking for. One day I thought about the fact that my mom used to go to acupuncture many years ago and how much she used to love it. I immediately jumped on the internet and the first place I saw in my search was HAOMI Acupuncture Clinic. I was a little hesitant because I wondered if it would work. I had went back and forth to the doctors and that didn’t help so I almost felt like nothing would stop my pain. I was desperate and hurting, I had to try something new. I gave him a call and left him a voice message. He gave me a call and explained everything to me. He was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable giving it a chance.

I made an appointment and I couldn’t be happier that I did. The place is so serene and clean. I love the relaxing music that is played. I was very impressed with Anatoliy and his clinic. I have been going ever since and my pain has subsided. It has taken patience and consistency but I definitely feel the results. I feel so much peace and my entire body feels rested due to acupuncture’s calming effects. I am not in constant pain like I used to be. I have also learned to change my eating habits after taking his healthy eating class. I told my best friend about it and she absolutely loves it. Going to the doctor seemed to be a total waste of time because the only thing they wanted to do was drug me up. I have learned to make healthy lifestyle choices and continuing acupuncture helps me to achieve a better work life balance. Anatoliy is very warm and has the kindest spirit. I consider it a blessing to have met him. If you are are in pain and looking for a solution to your agony give HAOMI Community Acupuncture a try. Believe me you will be happy that you did.


I am very grateful that I found Anatoliy!
Acupuncture helps me cope with the extreme stress in my life right now, and all the physical symptoms that come with it.
Anatoliy is knowledgeable, kind and patient.  Despite my nervousness with needles, he puts me at ease, and the sessions are generally very relaxing.  No matter what kind of day I am having, I know that I will feel better when I leave.
Thank you,  Anatoliy!
C. Baldwin
Dear Anatoly!
I would like to thank you for all the time you spent finding the way to help me.
The effort was not in vain!
Your “magic needles” were able to make annoying GERD symptoms, like pain and burning in my chest, almost go away.
The King tea became my favorite every day drink.
I also learned from you that one of the keys to healthy life is the ability to relax, which is not easy to achieve in our busy life.
Best regards.
June/ 2013




1) What were the conditions that brought you to seek care at HAOMI clinic?

Upper back pain

2) How it affected your functionality?

I have had shoulder and neck tension for a long time. The back problem started a couple of months ago.

3) What improvements you got and how they con­tributed to the quality of your life?

Back pain is now gone and rarely comes back. Shoulder and neck tension is much better as well.

4) Anything else you would like to mention in regard to treatments with us?

I would recommend that anyone with a chronic aliment such as back, neck or leg problems comes and see Anatoly. His is very professional. The treatment is not invasive and the rates are reasonable.

AS Business Man, Hawthorn Woods IL




I have suffered from chronic headaches for over 30 years. Constant head pain every day, which has often kept me home from work and many times forced me to cancel social situations.

I have undergone multiple CAT Scans, MRI’s, and X-Rays. I have been treated by Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Allergy Specialists, Pain Management Professionals, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, and have been under the care of a Neurologist for years. I have been screened for tumors, brain mass and chemical imbalance of the brain. I have tried to combat my constant head pain with herbal cleanses, added and eliminated all food types, applied ice packs, heating pads, taken multiple types of supplements, analgesics, applied pain patches and creams, and swallowed countless over the counter and prescription pain medications, to no avail.

I was referred to Anatoliy Pak just four weeks ago. My pain level has decreased by at least 60%! I’m still having a difficult time “wrapping my brain” around this newfound sensation of less head pain, if fact, I have had several hours of having no pain at all!

Anatoliy is very serious about his healing ability and has treated me in a direct, knowledgeable, and compassionate manner. Payment fees are very fair, scheduling appointments is easy, and the office atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing.

I will be forever grateful for the positive change that Mr. Pak has provided me. I will continue treatment feeling assured that my head pain will subside and my overall well being will improve.

With gratefulness,

Carol Raugstad




My internist recommended I see you after years of pain from 2 herniated discs along with a vertebrae that is out of place.  Before I tried this I was told the best way to take care of my condition was to have fusion.  Knowing this is not a great alternative I was anxious to see what else I could do to find some relief.
At the time I started I was in excruciating pain from the time I woke up until I went to bed.  It made traveling hard, being in a car uncomfortable and even sitting out having dinner often a long painful night.
I have found steady improvement from the pain and letting me enjoy daily life much more  and look forward to having even more relief as I continue the process.
I find the environment relaxing often napping during my course of treatment.




Dear Dr. Pak,

I wanted to write you about the very positive healing experience I’ve had at your clinic. Primarily I came in to see you for several conditions, which were causing me pain. I was truly bowled over by how immediate the pain relief was! It’s clear that you are highly skilled at what you do and you are compassionate; taking the time to listen yet efficient in how you treat. As a result, I’ve given your card and sung your praises to my friends and colleagues. Thank you for doing such tremendously helpful work, as well as making it affordable for those of limited means.

Kind regards,

M. Chrisler




Hi Anitoliy,
My shoulder and arm are so much better! I will be back for maintenance work as needed. Thanks so much, I will continue to refer.  Deborah 🙂



LinkedIn Recommendations

A. H.  has recommended your work as Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine.

Dear Anatoliy,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Anatolliy is a very caring wonderful acupuncturist. He truly cares to help people with their health concerns. He offers all his services at reasonable pricing so even those with limited income can be helped. If you’ve not had luck with traditional medicine you must see Anatolily. He will definitely help you.”
Service Category: healer
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert



After attending a lecture given by Dr. Pak, my husband and I went for evaluations of our various health issues.  Dr. Pak spent time with each of us to determine the proper treatment.

My goal was to reduce the pain I was experiencing.  And, it did.  After 8 sessions I can say that I am now pain free in the areas we focused on.  (heel, hip)

My husband deals with back pain from a previous injury.  He is relieved of a great deal of the pain after a series of acupuncture treatments.

Another issue addressed was urine leakage.  This too improved quite a bit.  I am amazed.  I can now sneeze or cough without running to the bathroom.  Happiness comes in little improvements.

Dr. Pak is a caring person.  His goal is to help as much as he can.

My recommendation is – Give It A Try.

Joyce K. and Ben A.

I was having hip and knee problems when I went to see Anatoliy. I saw him nine times over a four week period. During that time my hip and knee problems disappeared.
I never had to wait for treatment, and he was always attentive and courteous.
I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Anatoliy for treatment again.
Kay B.
I hadn’t considered the possibility of acupuncture, I kept going to the doctor for medication or suggestions as I was waking up in the middle of the night and having trouble going back to sleep, tired and sad during the day, not productive.  I was taking medication from my doctor for mild depression, I had talked to my doctor and have tried about every medication that addresses these issues but it wasn’t really helping.  One of my friends told me maybe I should try acupuncture, I was very skeptical at first, but I thought, I have tried all the medication out there and it’s not working so I decided I would give it a try.
Anatoliy was very kind and thorough, about what I was experiencing.  I am a little afraid of needles so that thought also ran through my mind, but I told myself if I hate it I will never return.  Well quite the opposite happened, after the first treatment, later that day I found I had more energy, I slept through the night and never found myself again waking in the middle of the night.  I did not expect to have results so soon, but in my case it was so.  I have been going regularly now for treatments, and have decreased my depression medication, and find myself very productive and happy.
I can schedule my appointments online and the cost was very, very reasonable.  You simply relax in a very comfortable chair, I sometimes will fall asleep I am so relaxed, Anatoliy will put a heater by your feet if you like and even a blanket on you if you prefer, which I do.
Julie Garcia
Happy Home Maker
Northbrook, Illinois



Update from 6 months earlier

I wanted to let you know how well I am doing.

95% of my symptoms are gone! The cramping in my toes & feet FINALLY stopped, but only when the twitching stopped, so they were connected. I get occasional cramps in my calves, but nothing alarming, and mostly after exercise. Oh, and I went back to my health club with no adverse affects! Everyone was happy to see me again.

So thank you for everything. Oh, and my hips also stopped going out when the twitching stopped in my legs, which was a small miracle. Everything was connected, but the doctors just kept saying things like “well it’s normal to have problems with your hips after being a dancer in your youth, well it’s normal to have arthritic pain, etc.,etc.”, but NONE of my pains were normal! I’m so grateful to you for getting me back on a healthful track.

Sincerely, Susan Levy


I am a medical doctor who has suffered from low back and right sided hip pain for many years that affected my daily functioning.  I just completed 9 sessions of acupuncture with Anatoly Pak at the Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine and have experienced an improvement of about 90%.  I am almost completely without pain and my ability to sit and engage in physical activity has greatly increased.  I am also sleeping much better every night.

I found Mr. Pak to be a very competent and professional practitioner who approaches healing in a holistic way that includes educating his patients on healthful eating, stress management, attending to the body’s clues, and meditation.  His office is comfortable, quiet and relaxing.  I plan to continue to see Mr. Pak if necessary in the future and I would highly recommend his services.

Phyllis A., M.D.



I have had neuromas (nerve bundles) in my feet for many years.  I had one surgically removed over 25 years ago when that was the recommended treatment.  Since that time, I have had inserts and cortisone shots to dampen the pain and numbness (as surgery is no longer recommended).  Based on a suggestion from a friend, I decided to try acupuncture.  The pain is basically gone and the numbness is approximately 80% dissipated.  The pricing was very reasonable compared to others I have seen and obtaining an appointment (via their web based scheduler) is easy and efficient.



Dec 27, 2012

Dear Mr. Pak,

Thank you for all you continue to do for my allergies. Thanks to your efforts, my face has been free of congestion for many months now, and my energy is much improved. Looking forward to making appointments for sessions in spring.



Living pain free is an unfamiliar feeling for me. I have spent most of my adult life seeing doctors/specialist, prescriptions, self-medication and just fighting through pain. I have been dealing spinal and neck pain so long it seems to control me and dictate my life choices instead of me being in control of it. I had come to a stalemate with Doctors since nothing was working permanently. I decided to make a change away from masking pain with pills that wreak havoc on liver and stomach as it seemed a double edged sword to damage more body parts in an attempt to feel better.

A short time ago I had a child.  Lifting, chasing and even hugging him became the catalyst for my discontent- To love and enjoy something yet not because of this ridiculousness pushed me to seek anything and everything .  It was at this point I decided to try all means necessary to get back In control of my body. This I would attempt by any means above and beyond my limited scope of what health care entails. To try Acupuncture was indeed a leap of faith for me as a matter of fact I was so conditioned and skeptical I would not have considered it otherwise but would feel remiss if I did not try everything in the wheelhouse to regain a semblance of balance between pain and happiness.

After doing  acupuncture I would feel remiss if I did not explain to you how amazing my experience has been. I jumped online found this site and hit the schedule button for an evening appointment which was great since I didn’t have to take a day off and they were available outside of my general work hours. I crossed my fingers and showed up.  I was greeted by Anatoliy Pak. He went into questions in a very professional manner.  I relayed where and how my injuries progressed and the length of time I have been dealing with them but Anatoliy also asked more- He asked about all other things, digestion, sinuses or anything that would be out of balance and preventing me from achieving the life I wish to lead.

I obliged with a few intermittent issues I had also been struggling with above neck/back pain. I thought that I may jump in with both feet and get it all done. So here I am, All 6’4” football injury riddled tough guy nervous of a few needles waiting in awkward anticipation and then we start right away on the first consult. Anatoliy sizes me up and takes my hand. He inserts the first one between my  knuckles and says “ok move your neck”. Immediately I could start to feel a difference. I got twice the rotation without pain as I had 10 minutes prior. I am thinking, this is too good to be true? Is this mental? Still in skeptical disbelief he continued. Another insert in the hand for lower back again a warm feeling over the muscles and the pain slowly subsiding. C’mon really? Is this happening all from the same hand? And then again another one- we are up to 6 insertions all in the hand and I am feeling remarkably better.

Anatoliy reclines me into the chair and says “if you need anything let me know.. now we are going to let your body heal itself for about 45 minutes”. At this point as not to ruin the euphoric retreat from pain,  I just laid back and said nothing as not to jinx anything like this was just a lucky moment of solace. I was so unfamiliar with the absence of pain, this was an incredible feeling. My mind released- I thought of nothing, no pain, relaxed, amazed and at peace.  I can write it in words but I cannot come close to describing the feeling absolute satisfaction it brought to me. Each time I have been back the results have lengthened and I feel better and better for longer and longer and am doing things I haven’t done in years.

On a subsequent visit,  Anatoliy said something resonated with me in a very profound way and now I believe this to be true despite my skeptical nature. He said “Your body naturally repairs itself and its doctor is inside of you….. with acupuncture we are here to help that process by giving the necessary time and availability to let your body to do its job and naturally repair itself”. I have been enough times now to know this is not fleeting. This is working very well for me and the pain is subsiding rapidly and I have marveled at the pain free moments I spend with my family. I, just like you now, was reading these looking for answers- I found them, I listened to my intuitions, I found someone who can help, I am tipping the scale back to even and it feels amazing. If you are reading this in contemplation of trying this for the first time, I hope you do and you experience the same results.

Feel free to email me if you want honest answers

Donald Adrian Mau

Executive Account Manager CDW



I came to the clinic with Anxiety, depression and cycle/hormonal related anxiety problems.
Anxiety started controlling me, my thoughts and how I felt about myself. Everyday was becoming increasingly overwhelming. The anxiety was impacting my thoughts, decisions and my level of happiness was steadily diminishing. I was becoming depressed and overstressed.
As a results of Acupuncture treatments I felt gradual improvements over the course of many months. The improvements came in spurts. Learning stress management along with adjusting my diet and regular acupuncture treatments have helped me not be paralyzed by nervous energy or thoughts. I began feeling like my old self, started becoming more productive, and functional. When things (in general) don’t go exactly to plan or are not perfect, I no longer feel overwhelmed or derailed with failure. I have learned how to quiet the racing thoughts in my mind.
Another thing I like bout the clinic is flexible and easy scheduling. Other treatment comments – the amount of time Dr. Pak dedicated to listening, understanding and getting to know me as a person. I felt my treatment was not a generic or blanket approach to helping me resolve my issues. I feel like my treatment was designed and geared specifically to me and my issues. He wants you to be well and feel well. His guidance and advice is just as valuable as the acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture is very much a holistic treatment approach. I am very happy and grateful for his time and practice.


July 31, 2012
I came to see Anatoliy Pak because I was having extreme and inexplicable pain in numerous parts of my body, which initially started in my fingers, but soon spread to my toes, hands in general, wrists, elbows, knees, calves and various areas of my feet. I even had pains on my forehead, all of which seemed to come on with no provocation at any time. I had seen several doctors, had MRls and electrical tests on my nerves, and numerous blood tests for every imaginable condition. Nothing showed up of consequence other than regular osteoarthritis. I could not imagine that arthritis was causing this kind of pain however, and the doctors either told me that I was alright (which I wasn’t) or that physical therapy was all I needed, along with medication.
I started the medication, but got no relief. After 10 days on the medication and still in the same pain I sought out acupuncture. I didn’t know what else to do, but knew I had to do something. Anatoliy saw me right away, the same day I called! What a relief because I was desperate for help. He listened very carefully to a description of my symptoms (more than I listed here) and asked about the tests I had had, and the results. He did some testing of his own in the office. He told me that structurally I was sound, but functionally my body wasn’t working as it should. He gave me a short 15 min. diagnostic acupuncture treatment, and I felt “energy” or an unusual cooling or liquid sensation moving through my body flowing into some of my troubled spots. After I left, I was pain free for 24 hours, which was very exciting
I came regularly for longer treatments, sometimes feeling worse afterward. But I have to say that after about only 2 weeks of treatments, I no longer had to constantly take Aleve, which I was taking anywhere from 2-4 x a day because the pain was so unmanageable. It’s now been 11 days in a row without any need for A1eve, which is a small miracle. I am still on the prescription pain medication because you are not supposed to abruptly stop it, but I am on 1/3 of the full dosage recommended.
To me, this is a remarkably fast improvement. Do not necessarily expect IMMEDIATE relief, and do not expect to feel better every single day, but if you give the treatments a little time, hopefully you too will have the results I am having. I can now ride my bike,
do household chores, garden, etc. I also work full time, which I was finding difficult to do with the pain and now I work ALL DAY without pain interfering at all! I also have no pain at night while I sleep.
I would highly recommend you give Anatoliy Pak a try. He is very insightful and gives thorough consideration to your problem. He is VERY flexible in scheduling, unlike any other doctor you might be seeing. He truly dedicates himself to helping his patients make themselves well again. I am hoping to be able to stop all medication when the time is right, and he promised to help me with that as well. Please do not hesitate if you are in pain like I was!
Susan Levy, Professional Secretary, age 60, In love with life again.

Having had acupuncture before, I hoped to get relief from some aches, pains, and general rundown feelings, but several things that Anatoliy Pak does make him stand out.
Unlike other acupuncturists, we went through my medical history of past and current problems. Anatoliy’s approach is a holistic one, treating the entire person, and he’s only recommends treatment he thinks can help you. In addition to strengthening my body’s own healing abilities so I could start feeling better, we pinpointed the top problems that were affecting my daily life. On the first visit I got significant relief from shoulder/arm pain that was keeping me from sleeping at night.
I was given a clear understanding of how long I would need to come for the best results, what the plan was, and how much it would cost me. The cost of Community sessions is very reasonable. If I discuss new health problems he incorporates them into my treatment as part of his holistic healing approach.
No other acupuncturist I’ve been to has been as clear about the treatment plans and costs or been willing to treat more than one or two issues at once. I was so impressed with the information I was given and how quickly I started feeling better, that I signed up for a series of sessions. I look at this as an investment in my health.
E. Nelson, Prospect Heights

I originally came in for sinus issues, but during our consultation the practitioner suggested we also treat a shoulder injury that has been bothering me for months. The improvements to my shoulder were instant and I was able to raise my arm higher than before the session. On the way home from my second visit, my sinuses began to drain and I was hooked!


Three years ago I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia which left me with terrible nerve pain in my face when I talked, chewed, brushed my teeth, or even lightly touched or rubbed my face. My doctor only could prescribe drugs that deadened my nerves and left me feeling buzzed and tired all day. The other option was surgery with a 50% chance of recovery and the potential for permanent nerve damage to my face. My neurologist recommended Anatoliy Pak. My first visit went very well and Anatoliy seemed very confident he could help me. After 6 visits I was able to reduce my medication significantly. After 8 visits I’ve been off meds for one full week! I have more treatments to get this fully repaired. I appreciate the time and patience Anatoliy has taken to educate me about the acupuncture process and how my body would respond. I’m hoping for a long term recovery and will include acupuncture as part of m well care maintenance plan. As an aside, Anatoliy is also treating my hayfever allergies; after 2 treatments, that seems to be working, too. I’m very glad to have been referred to Anatoliy Pak and recommend him if you consider a lifetime of meds and surgery to whatever may ail you today.

-Martin F

Being in almost constant pain and barely walking even after receiving physical therapy and a series of  epideral cortisone shots, I did not experience an relief from my back condition. The only option I had left was to have spinal surgery which I refused to have. Not having ever experienced any acupuncture treatments before, I certainly did not know what to expect when I first consulted Anatoliy. His knowledge, kindness and expertise far exceeded any misconceptions I ever had regarding the procedure as he immediately put me at ease. I really am sorry that I didn’t find acupuncture sooner in my life as now I am almost pain free and can enjoy an ever increasing ability to walk again – without surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend Anatoliy Pak and the Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine office to anyone who wishes to be pain free without the use of medication or surgery. Also the treatment plans and appointment times were both beneficial to my budget and daily schedule. I like to think of Anatoliy as the Houdini of acupuncture; when he performs his ‘magic’, the pain disappears!

-Nancy, age 72

I have had a long and wonderful relationship with Anatoliy Pak. This time I had pain in my right shoulder. The shoulder had a limited range of motion and woke me up during the night as I rolled onto my right side. I had 5 treatments and felt some relief after my first treatment. I have no pain at all at this time and sleep without interruption. I highly recommend Anatoliy Pak for this and other treatments.

– Donald S.

Highland Park, IL

I came to Anatoliy with right knee pain due to torn meniscus.  I had difficulty walking and climbing stairs, swelling and weakness in the knee.  In 10 weeks of acupuncture (w/o surgery) there is significant decrease is pain, much improved strength and walking without pain.  Anatoliy Pak is highly professional and a caring + talented acupuncturist.


Barrington, IL

Back pain kept me from living my life. Traditional (allopathic) medicine and physical therapy did not chase the pain away. Acupuncture and tai chi classes worked for me. I needed pain relief and guidance that the right kind of movement would start me on a healing journey.

I am thankful for acupuncture, Anatoliy and the healing I‘ve experienced.

T. A., teacher

I had pain and stiffness in my shoulder and hips due to general arthritis. Because of the pain I could not move normally. The movement was slow and difficult and I could not lift my arm at all.

Within 2-3 weeks the acupuncture stopped the pain and I could start doing physical therapy. After 3 months of combined treatments (acupuncture and PT) my arm got back 90% of its normal range of motion, and I could go down stairs as I used to do long time ago.

Acupuncture is effective. But you have to commit to it. Plus, you need to use integrative approach. Ex. Combining Acupuncture with PT was very effective. Another thing: you have to continue working on the problem even in between acupuncture treatments and PT sessions in order to keep the progress steady.

N. B., attorney.

I had chronic pain in the right ankle and started having pain in the hip. I had trouble with sleeping because of the pain. I could not sit long in the car, I was fidgety to find right position that would make the pain better. I was not able to do house work, and I could not walk or stand for longer than few min.

After the first treatment I could help my mom around the house, and I even shoveled snow without usual pain in the ankle! I could sit in the car for longer time!

Anatoliy Pak is very gentle. It was quite comfortable to be needled for the first time. Also, having needles only below the elbows and knees was very convenient. All questions were answered thoroughly and I felt safe and secure.

Laura P, college student

I first met Anatoliy Pak last August, 2011 when he lectured at Indian Trails Library. I was impressed by his lecture on healing the body naturally so that you could get well and stay well without the use of drugs. He appeared to be very knowledgeable in his field and very kind. I have suffered for over thirty years with acute chronic sinitus, seen many doctors, taken many drugs, and still I did not find much relief. Now that I have found Anatoliy, I can truly say that I can breath better, I have shorter episodes of illness, and most important of all … I can see a future for me without constantly being held back by my sinus attacks.

Thank you so much,


Dear Doctor Anatoliy,

It’s been at least two years since I first came into your office. Several times I have thought about writing you a letter and thanking you properly, but being busy, too often important matters like formally thanking you have been set aside until now.

Thanks to you my regular pain is gone. Can’t begin to describe how much better I feel.

Before seeing you my back would “go out completely” on almost a regular basis and between those times I would be living with varied degrees of pain and discomfort.

I am happy to say that you have helped me where others could not. Actually I feel so good, that sometimes, I think I am 20 years old again and can lift or move anything. This is usually the only time I get a reminder from my back to slow down and be normal. Just a friendly “mild” reminder from my back, not the old “severe crippling pain” like before.

I really appreciate your professional expertise!

THANKS! … so much for stopping my pain! … and healing my body!



  • I have had metatarsalgia–pain on the ball of the foot–for nearly two years, despite repeated visits to podiatrists and a pedorthist. Acupuncture has helped. I experienced the single biggest improvement during the last two years after one of the acupuncture sessions with Anatoliy Pak.


  • Anatoliy Pak knows his art of acupuncture. He analyzes the whole person, and then makes suggestions about what to do.

    He really, really knows what he is doing. He didn’t just take one course along with many other courses and then added this to his business. No! This is what he does! And he does it very well.

    I wanted pain relief from knee and back pain. Anatoliy was able, through his work and encouragement, to provide a measureable amount of relief immediately.

    Complete relief is the goal of course and Anatoliy is flexible in scheduling, provides what needs to be done on a treatment per treatment basis, and really listens and hears what the person is saying.

    I could not recommend another acupuncturist more highly than I recommend Anatoliy Pak. He is the one I would recommend for those looking for someone who seeks this kind of treatment, not only in the Deerfield area, but for anyone in the whole Chicagoland area.

    He is that good!


  • I’ve been receiving acupuncture from HAOM for the past two months. I arrived with severe nerve pain in one shoulder that had prevented any decent sleep for over eight months. Anatoliy’s approach has been practical and specific, but also holistic and compassionate. My shoulder is almost better now and I’m getting good sleep. He is excellent and talented!


I have tried acupuncture with Anatoly for the first time in 2007, before my radiation treatment. Acupuncture has helped me better weather the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It gave me more energy and helped battle nausea, migraines, muscle cramps, digestive issues, and hot flashes, which came when I was 21 years old. Throughout the years, with the help of Anatoly, I was able to lead a more balanced and comfortable life.

Sasha D.


I recently moved to the Northbrook area and with the stress of moving and finding a job, I was not sleeping well at night with hip, leg and foot pain. I was taking Tylenol everyday to keep the pain away, but when it wore off I was still having alot of pain. There are also health risks of taking Tylenol long term. My daughter suggested that I consider the Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine because she had very good results in such a short time. I was at first skeptical, but at the point where I could not stand the pain any longer. When I went to Anatoliy Pak to seek help, I was truly amazed the first time in months that I could stand up and have no little pain in my legs, hip and feet, and it is very affordable and very relaxing as well. After 5 treatments, I am pain free. I plan to continue with this source of treatment, which is far better than taking medications which just disguises the problem. I recommend you see Anatoliy and he can get you on the road to better health.

– Janice

I went to Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine in a lot of pain due to dental nerve damage on the advice of my MD. I am so glad I listened to my doctor! After a very reasonable course of treatment, the pain at the site of the tooth is nearly gone, and so is the tingling and numbness in my jaw. Pak is an experienced practitioner who provides a gentle and nurturing environment in which to heal.

– Dale

I knew about Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine from my husband who came for treatment here 2 years ago. I had acupuncture with Anatoliy to treat my lower back pain. I was hardly able to come to my first appointment because of the strong pain, and had six treatments. I had never had acupuncture before and was scared before the first session. But Anatoliy’s excellent skills and relaxing atmosphere in his office helped me overcome my fear. As a result, after successful treatments, my pain was gone. Anatoliy’s schedule is very flexible and that helps a lot, too. Thank you.

– Julia

I had been interested in acupuncture and was fortunate to be reffered to Anatoliy by my life coach. It really didn’t take many treatments to start feeling relief from my wrist pain, and post divorce stress. It is so worth it and I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time. I highly recommend it. He really makes you feel so comfortable in the office.
He listens very attentively to my symptoms and works with me for a solution to get me to feel better.
Many blessings and thanks for your healing. I have a lot to learn from you.

– Georgeta

My 16-year-old son suffers from migraines, anxiety and depression. Anatoliy Pak treated him with acupuncture and relaxation in addition to nutritional counseling. The occurrence of the migraine headaches has been greatly reduced, and my son has benefited from the experience. The facility is clean, calm and relaxing–very pleasant. Anatoliy is very motivated to help people improve their mental and physical health and seems genuinely concerned. I would recommend him highly.

– Tari

I have suffered from lower back pain intermittantly for decades. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for me to recover from one of my back pain “episodes”. At the urging of a friend, I decided to try acupuncture, and Anatoliy Pak specifically.I noticed serious improvement after the first treatment and my back pain was gone within 10 days (4 treatments).

I intend on continuing my acupuncture treatments as needed, I am amazed at the results.

I am a believer.

– Dwight

Spending some time in hospital and suffering from chronic lower back pain I finally found great doctor Anatoly Pak. Just a couple treatments after result pain and painkiller meds free life. Awesome. Effectively I was treated from other minor problems I’ve got. All Dr. Pak treatments stimulate healing processes and give more energy to my body.

Anatoliy’s Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine office provides friendly environment and relaxation during all treatments. And best of all patients have AN OPTIONS how to be treated. Besides acupuncture Dr. Pak compassion and patience makes him much more than an acupuncturist. He has introduced me to a healthy way of living through smart nutrition and way of life. Anatoliy Pak gave me a follow-up phone call asking how I was doing. Great experience I had…

– Eugene

I have suffered from environmental allergies for more than 30 years, and I found them to be escalating the last few years despite the use of prescription nasal sprays and OTC decongestants. In summer and fall, though I love to take long walks, I stayed indoors dependent on air conditioning to filter the air I breathed. I had frequent and debilitating sinus infections despite scrupulous diet controls and sometimes had to sleep 14 hours a day to recover. When an ENT specialist recommended several more prescriptions and said my allergist would add others, I decided to visit Mr. Pak instead. After a series of acupuncture treatments in 2010, I was 80% allergy free. Now I can open the windows of my house and car or take friends for a walking tour of the Botanic Gardens without prescription drugs. Through his acupuncture skills and his articulate one-on-one lectures on healthy living, Anatolyi Pak re-connected me with my lost health and quality of life. I continue to recommend him highly to many of my clients and friends as an extraordinary health professional and health coach.


I came to Anatoliy Pak, LAc for help in dealing with loss of motion and pain in my shoulders due to arthritis and partial dislocation. Mr. Pak is very observant and provides his treatments in a calm, soothing and peaceful surrounding. During my treatment plan, my condition improved; I can now do day-to-day tasks easily; i.e., put on my belt, brush my hair, put on a sweater, reach my coffee cup or wine glass on the upper shelf. The combination of treatments, recommended exercise and time has improved my condition and range of motion and considerably lessened the pain I endure. Based on my experience, I feel anyone experiencing pain, loss of motion or similar discomforts can benefit from a consultation and/or treatment by Mr. Pak.An appreciative patient,

Joe, Northbrook, IL

To quit smoking cigarettes, for me, was an impossible dream. This dream is now a reality thanks to Anatoliy Pak! With his insightful use of acupuncture and perceptive consultations, Anatoliy brought the miracle of healing to my life. My gratitude is boundless and my recommendation is stellar.

– Peggy

Great and very professional service. Anatoly help me to solve my skin problems and educate me with healthy life style.

– Mikhael

Dear Anatoli,

I would like to express my heart-felt thanks for the ways in which you have changed the quality of my life. When I just came to see you I only expected help with symptoms that for several years western medicine couldn’t alleviate. They include arthritis, constant mucus, lack of energy, digestive problems, and itching.

You showed me how acupuncture coupled with specific diet, regular walking, qigong exercise, herbs, and teas could improve physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological outlook of my life.

You educated me with patience, understanding, wisdom and humor. I have always benefited from your analogies to illustrate an allusive concept as well as practical application of the oriental philosophy. For all this I am grateful and look forward to our continued collaboration to maintain the level of all around health thru the years.

With appreciation,


I was skeptical about the effectiveness of acupuncture, but all my research said it would not cause any harm, and about 70% of people being treated would experience noticeable improvements in symptoms. Anatoliy Pak was recommended by my wife who had just started treatment with him. I had previously gone to a very competent orthopedic surgeon and received shots and physical therapy – but the improvements in my symptoms were only temporary. Since beginning acupuncture, I have experienced a lasting and significant (but not total) reduction of the arthritis pain in my thumb and in my knee – the pain was reduced by more than 50%. For me, Anatoliy Pak is not just a healer, he is a teacher as well. He helped me achieve pain reduction using acupuncture AND has helped me learn how to use my physical and mental energy to support the acupuncture process and increase its effectiveness. I noticed that after my first round of treatments, my blood pressure had decreased by almost 10 points – probably due to the peaceful, relaxed state I experience during the acupuncture sessions – an unexpected but very much appreciated bonus. I was so pleased with my first round of treatments I am going back for another set of sessions to see if we can reduce the pain even further. I highly recommend Anatoliy Pak to anyone who is in pain and wants to reduce or eliminate that pain.

– Lou

For the past year, I have been in pain due to the bursitis in my arm. My orthopedic doctor tried medication, a cortisone shot, and many weeks of physical therapy. Nothing helped. So I tried, for the first time in my life, acupuncture treatment with Anatoliy Pak. I am now pain free after only 6 weeks of acupuncture. I was quite amazed! I have now returned to kayaking and all the other activities that I love.

– Ellie

I tried acupunture after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Although Anatolyi came highly reccommended by a friend, I was a skeptic. By the 4th treatment, I was a believer. Swelling in my knees and fingers markedly decreased. With repeated treatments, my body began to respond more readily with more immediate improvements (reduction of swelling/pain relief).What impressed me most was the holistic approach and attention given to my health. While I’ve always considered myself health conscious, I still gleaned important information regarding my eating habits and stress management aside from receiving acupuncture. Eastern medicine truly has influenced my outlook on health. Never before had a received a follow-up phone call from a physician asking how I was doing. Anatolyi was willing to try whatever worked best for my arthritic pains (elbows, feet, knees, shoulder), including electro-acupuncture, which was most effective for me.

Rates are affordable and Anatolyi operates with integrity, wanting your business only when treatment is necessary and effective. Anatolyi is more than an acupunturist; he’s part life coach, nutritionist, and now friend.

– Amy

When I went for my first acupuncture appointment with Dr. Pak I was unable to do my activities of daily living without pain in all my muscles, had difficulty sleeping and was generally very miserable. All injections by my rheumatologist were no long helping me. It was recommended that I try acupuncture as a last resort. After a few treatments I started feeling some pain relief. Now after four weeks of treatments by Dr. Pak I am able to function much better, am back to doing my normal activities and feeling almost pain free.

Renata K.

I have been getting treatments from Healing Arts for 2 months now and I am very happy with the results. I have chronic pain from a torn rotator cuff which is about 60% improved. I also feel more peaceful and happy.

I like the atmosphere there and the prices are very fair. I feel like I am in good hands.

– Karen

Anatoly Pak is a true healer. He defines what eastern medicine is all about; treating the WHOLE person, mentally and physically. His compassion and patience makes him much more than an accupuncturist. He has introduced me to a healthy way of living through smart nutrition and intelligent exercise, to heal the body, not to exhaust it. I am back on track and off many medications! He is a blessing to all that seek his guidance!

– Rhonda

I had lower back pain and neck pain on and off for nearly 20 years. I was at the point where I could not exercise for about a month because of the discomfort. I couldn’t even stretch because I was so locked up.I was told by a friend of this Anatoliy Pak guy over at the Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine in Deerfield. He said that Anatoliy helped him alleviate his lower back pain with acupuncture. I knew absolutely nothing about acupuncture, other than it had been around for a long period of time and had stood the test of time in healing people of their ailments.

I figured I had nothing to lose so I tried it. It was one of the best decisions I made as within a few weeks, I was back to exercising and stretching. My body wasn’t locked up anymore. As a result, I was able to feel better about myself being pain free. I didn’t have pain anymore in my lower back or my neck.

Anatoliy provides a welcoming and peaceful environment at the Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine. He is a real pro and top of the line in his field. Acupuncture has been able to stimulate my body’s healing process over the last three years. It also gives me energy that I didn’t have before I started going to Anatoliy for acupuncture.


Dear Anatoliy:
I would like to thank you for the amazing, master work you have been doing on me. My prostatitis is essentially gone – starting at an acute state; my Reynolds syndrome, having been there for 3 or 4 years, seem to be immensely reduced, after less than 4 weeks of your treatments. This disease with numbing hands [Reynolds] has been a long and persistent trouble of mine, and the Western Medicine offers nothing to remedy the condition. My hands are finally warm!
I can’t express what it means to me – to be holistically and yet so swiftly healed from serious illnesses by touch, needle, natural herbs and by your aware, special attention. And – it feels so natural to get better through the ancient art of Chinese medicine, outside of the modern mainstream Health Care, which have become a business machine to such a regrettable degree.
I feel renewed and more whole than before, not just healthier. My own awareness is much higher now and I am more conscious of care of myself. I also want to thank you for that beautiful feeling with which I am left, every time I have come away from your office – the feeling of being genuinely cared for.
I wish you and your virtuous practice all the best.
Truly yours,
– Gene

I had back surgery 12 years ago and had chronic back pain since.
I started with Oriental massage first, which helped with the stiffness and flexibility. It helps keep me aligned as well. The massage is not only relaxing, I feel energized as well!
The acupuncture immediately stopped the pain I was having along my side and lower back.
My husband is also being treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. He’s suffering with leg cramps and a muscle injury (due to heavy lifting). The cramps have stopped, and the muscle pain has improved by 50%. It continues to improve with each treatment.

Taiji Qigong classes – I can touch my toes! I have balance. Most of all Taiji has given me confidence and taken the fear out of falling.

A word about Anatoliy. You could not ask for better teacher. He is kind, observant, and patient.
Anatoliy is truly concerned with his patients’ wellbeing. He is a caring professional who always does his best to help his patients.

– Susanne

Ever since I was diagnosed with keratoconus (irregularly thin cornea) 20 years ago, ophthalmologists have stressed that I would need cornea transplants sometime later in my life. Recently, during a visit to my ophthalmologist at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation in Chicago, my doctor (a prominent specialist and lecturer on keratoconus) used a computer to optically map the contour of my cornea. For the first time in over a decade, I was told that my eye condition was stable and that I would not need cornea transplants after all. My ophthalmologist was surprised to hear that I had been getting eye treatments from an acupuncturist for the past 12 months… and you can be sure I will continue to do so. Thank you Anatoliy!”

– Michael

I met Anatoliy Pak through my doctor who believes in alternative medicine. He offered Taiji class, which is an effective form of exercise that does not stress the joints. I feel it has helped improve my breathing, concentration, flexibility, and balance. Most important of all, Taiji has helped to improve my balance and stabilize my bone density. Since I have osteoporosis, balance and bone density are very important.
It has been a pleasant, relaxing, and beneficial journey with a wonderful teacher. Anatoliy is very interested in each of his patients as an individual.

– Elena